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How to Pack to Move in a Hurry – Tips for Last-Minute Moving

So you are looking for tips for how to pack to move in a hurry. This means you probably do not have the time for long-winded introductions about the many reasons there might be for last-minute moving. All right, let’s simply skip that part!

How to pack to move in a hurry


Packing and preparing when there is not much time.  Last minute moving tips to make the best use of your time!

 How to pack to move in a hurry

In our blogs, we have been providing you with moving tips for quite a while now. We often recommend strategies that involve careful planning, list making and early preparations. The goal usually is to reduce stress on moving day. When you are pressed for time though, your opportunities for preparation are probably limited. Here are some moving tips to help you make the best use of your time.

Packaging material

Try to involve the material you already have available and that needs to be moved anyway: Towels, bed sheets, pillows and blankets can easily do double-duty as wraps and buffers for more delicate items.


Leave your clothes on their hangers. You can use special moving wardrobes/garment boxes that are usually made from cardboard. They can be transported with the garments hanging in them. Alternatively, you can take a big trash bag and have it double as a garment bag by hooking the hangers through.  This will surely help protect your clothing during the move.  

Use your suitcases

You are probably taking your suitcases with you, right? Then you might as well fill them, and it does not have to be clothes that go in there, either. You can use them to transport your books or other items.

Reserve some boxes for donations

While you are packing, sort out those things you don’t want take with you. You can then take those boxes to a thrift shop or other charities that accept donations. Most importantly, be sure to mark these appropriately. 

Ask for help

Ask a friend for help with packing. When you have to pack in a hurry, an additional set of hands can make a world of difference.

How to pack to move in a hurry? Let the pros do the work!


One way to save a lot of time and effort is hiring a professional moving company that also provides packing services as well as packing materials. Contact our team at Brothers EZ Moving to get further information and a free personal quote for your last-minute move! 



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