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How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Some people might consider the question of how to pack shoes for moving to be not a particularly difficult one. And it is true, there are quite a few types of shoes that are quite sturdy and might not require that much consideration as far as packing is concerned. However, there are some notable exemptions like dress shoes, patent leather, etc.!

how to pack shoes for moving

Packing and Storage

You want to avoid issues like:

  • mold
  • scratches
  • deformation
  • cracks or dents in the material
  • broken heels
  • dirt

General tips:

  • Clean the shoes before packing them.
  • Make sure to only pack shoes when they are completely dry to avoid mold. Consider the humid Florida climate.
  • Pack strategically to save space.
  • Wrap shoes separately to avoid scratches.
  • Pack seasonal shoes so that they are ready for storage.


Shoe spanners/shoe trees help your shoes keep their shape and prevent them from getting dented when packed for transport.

Tissue paper: Wrap the shoes individually in tissue paper to avoid them rubbing against each other and getting scratches.

Silica gel bags: You have probably come across these small bags when you buy new shoes or a handbag and have simply thrown them away. Next time, consider keeping them: Their purpose is to attract moisture and so protect the merchandise from mold. They can do the same for your shoes when you pack them away for storage or moving.

Shoe bags are handy when you need to pack your shoes in a space-saving way. However, keep in mind that they offer less protection than a box. If your shoes are particularly delicate, have high heels that could break easily, etc., make sure to protect them further.

Original shoe boxes or dedicated storage containers offer additional protection against damage.


You wonder how to pack shoes for moving when you don’t have these materials handy? Here are a few alternatives you can use when packing:

  • Stuff the inside of your shoes with rolled-up socks, washcloths or balled paper towels.
  • Wrap your shoes in towels to cushion them and protect them from scatches.

Moving your shoes and the rest of your items

Packing your shoes for the move is only one part of your move preparation, not to mention the move itself. Contact Brothers EZ Moving for further information about what we can do to make your move a success!

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