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How to Pack Pillows for Moving

“How to pack pillows for moving” probably sounds like a “no-brainer” to you. And it’s true: Pillows usually don’t break, are not particularly heavy, and the shape is easy to handle as well. So, why even write a blog post about it? Because there are various ways to do it! They are worth talking (or writing) about because they can save you time, space, and packing material – and they can even help protect your fragile items. So, let’s have a look!

Pillows on bed - How to pack pillows for moving

The simple way of packing pillows

  • Do you have a few big, clean trash bags at hand? Then you are basically good to go! Pack the pillows in trash bags and close the bags with a secure knot or a piece of string. It’s quick, and simple, and you can even use the filled bags as additional cushioning inside the moving van.
  • Alternatively, stuff the pillows in a moving box. This is pretty easy as well and has the benefit of the boxes being stackable.
  • If you pack several pillows in a box, you can stick fragile items like small mirrors or picture frames between them. This creates a literal “cushioning” effect. If you choose to do this, make sure to clearly mark the box accordingly.
  • If you have smaller pillows, you can use them as cushions for/barriers between items in other boxes, for example, on the bottom of a box that contains china, glasses, etc.
  • Vaccuum-sealed space-saver bags are an additional option that not only keeps your pillows clean but also allows for some space-saving due to the vacuum effect.

We move your pillows – and the rest as well!

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