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How to Pack Fragile Items For Your Move

How to pack fragile items? This is one of the likely questions that come up during every move. We all have items in our home that need to be handled with extra during a move.  An antique mirror or beloved vase, for example, can have a sentimental as well as economical value. Therefore it’s important to know how to properly pack these items so that you are not left with any damage.


glass - how to pack fragile items


How to pack fragile items to keep them safe during transport



1. Create a barrier

Create a barrier between the items so that they are not touching each other. For items like glasses or stacked plates, this could mean simply wrapping each individual piece in several layers of newspaper. If you want extra protection and special cushioning, bubble wrap is one of the go-to materials.

2. Tape it up

Any fragile item that is stacked should be taped vertically so that the items do not slide or fall off each other. Larger items like frames with glass or mirrors should also be taped.  With these items, you will tape in a vertical, horizontal, and diagonal direction, creating a star or x pattern.  This can prove a valuable extra barrier during transport and also help to stabilize the glass panes.

3. Box it up

There is nothing that will offer an outer layer of protection for your fragile items like the proper box.  When dealing with items that are important to you, and could be breakable, make sure you invest in the right boxes.  They make boxes specifically designed to fit mirrors, televisions, vases, portraits, and much more.  Having the right packing material can make a big difference.

4. Fill the spaces

If you are boxing up your breakable possessions, simply wrapping them is not enough.  You also need to fill any empty spaces with soft material to prevent the items from moving around inside the box.  This can be done with crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, or even old socks and other pieces of clothing.

5. Have a loading plan

You want to make sure you don’t haphazardly load your fragile items.  Fragile items need to be secure but not crushed.  This means making sure they are not placed underneath heavier items, but also not on top if there is nothing to support them. With careful planning, you can make sure everything is loaded so that everything is kept in place.

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