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How to Pack Dishes for Moving

Whether it’s a precious set of china or your favorite coffee mug: Dishes tend to be on the fragile side, so it’s important to know how to pack dishes for moving. After all, you still want the pieces to look as nice in your new home!

how to pack dishes for moving

How to pack dishes for moving day to keep them from breaking

There a special dish boxes on the market for the purpose of packing glasses, china, etc. for transport. The idea is to cushion each piece, keep it separate from the others, and prevent any movement within the box.

However, you can achieve the same effect with a mix of other packing materials that you probably already have at hand. This material needs to fulfill three different functions:

  • a box as an all-around container and carrying device
  • wrapping material to wrap each item (plate, glass, cups, etc.) individually
  • layering and stuffing material for shock absorption, and to create a cushioning barrier for the hollow spaces between the items
  • plus: packing tape for added security

Wrapping, securing, and transport

  1. Make sure the box (e.g., a standard moving box) is sturdy. Secure the bottom with packing tape to make sure it does not accidentally open during transportation. The box should not be too big, so it can be easily carried and does not get too heavy.
  2. Cover the bottom of the box with a cushioning layer for shock absorption. This can be done with crumpled up newspaper or bubble wrap. Alternatively, you can use bathroom towels, folded bed sheets or even clothes.
  3. Wrap each item individually so everything is separated by a cushioning layer of material. Newspaper is an easily available wrapping material of choice. Take into account that there might be some ink transfer from the paper to the items, so everything should be cleaned before further use. Each item should be wrapped by several layers to achieve the proper cushioning effect. If possible, secure the wrapping with a piece of tape. You can also use towels, wash cloths, or bubble wrap.
  4. Place everything in the box and make sure that you fill all cavities with extra material like wadded-up newspaper, rolled socks, pieces of bubble wrap, etc. The idea is that nothing within the box should accidently shift. The items should not bump against each other or get damaged by the rest of the contents.
  5. Glasses should be placed into the box in a standing position.
  6. If your box contains more than just one layer of breakable pieces, make sure that the heavier and sturdier items are on the bottom.
  7. If the box is ready, add another cushioning layer on the top, then close the box and tape it shut.
  8. Mark the box clearly as “fragile”, “glass”, “china”, etc. and indicate which side of the box is the upper side.

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