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How to Pack Clothes for Moving: More Tips

by | Sep 3, 2023

As a continuation of our most recent post, here are more tips on how to pack clothes for moving! So far, we have mainly addressed those clothes that you prefer to transport while they are still on their hangers. This time, it is primarily about saving space.

How to pack clothes for moving and save space at the same time

Roll your clothes

Check out Youtube, for example: There are several techniques to roll your clothes instead of simply folding them in order to save space (and also minimize wrinkles at the same time). You will often find this recommendation when it comes to traveling or general space-saving storage options for your wardrobe.

Use the extra spaces 

Wherever you see any extra space, even if it’s the inside of your shoe, use it to pack more. Just make sure you also remember to keep things organized and labeled. You can even use some of your clothes in other moving boxes to cushion fragile items like dishes.

Consider space saver bags

If saving space is a priority, space saver bags (sometimes called “vacuum bags”) might be an option. You place the items into the bags, and the excess air inside is removed via a special valve at the bottom. Since these bags protect the fabric from moisture as well as bugs, they are a great way to keep your clothes safe, for example during a long-distance move. Speaking of safety: As with all plastic bags, make sure to prevent children and pets from playing with them to avoid accidental suffocation.

Consider the items you are packing

Another more general advice on how to pack clothes for moving: Not all fabrics are created equal. As any experienced traveller will tell you, some clothes are more forgiving than others. Therefore, you should make sure pack and handle the more delicate fabrics with extra care and if neccessary additional protective materials.

Finally: Packing is only one part of your move – transport is quite another. Send us a message or give us a call to request a quote for your moving costs!

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