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How to Pack Artwork for Moving – Part 1

“Artwork” comprises a wide range of items and also a wide range of potential monetary value. Therefore, let’s get this out of the way first: If your particular piece of art happens to be an original Picasso or Renoir, the following tips for how to pack artwork for moving might sound a bit too basic. However, if you are looking for general advice on how to pack your framed prints, decorative sculptures, and canvasses, this article should give you some great pointers!

Artist paintings - How to pack artwork for moving

What kind of protection does the artwork require?

Packing artwork is an art in itself. It requires careful consideration and planning to ensure that everything arrives safely. Many pieces of artwork are considered fragile, mostly because they consist of materials that are easily damaged.

In order to understand how to pack artwork for moving, consider each item’s particular characteristics that require protection:

  • Does it scratch or break easily?
  • Is there a risk of creasing or tearing?

What kind of packing materials do you need?

  • high-quality moving boxes, potentially with strong, reinforced corners
  • for especially high-priced items, you might even consider wooden crates
  • for certain items like posters or unframed canvasses that you can roll, there is also the option of special art tubes
  • to protect against scratches and provide additional cushioning: soft cloth and/or blankets, bubble wrap/foam
  • balled-up newspaper, packing “peanuts,” or alternatively, even socks or bedsheets to fill out potential hollow areas of the boxes
  • masking tape, packing tape, self-adhesive labels, markers, strong packing twine, scissors

Preparing your artwork for safe moving

The first step is to ensure that all artwork is dry and clean before packing it properly.

As a rule of thumb, each item should be wrapped individually to give it extra protection. That is especially important if you want to pack more than just one piece into a box. However, as far as artwork is concerned, we highly recommend limiting the number of items that go into each box.

Any Questions?

This is just the beginning of our tips for packing artwork. Stay tuned for Part 2!

In the meantime: If you have any questions or would like to request a free cost estimate for your move: Contact us! We are here to ensure the very best moving experience for you and your valuable pieces of artwork.


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