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How to Pack a TV for Moving

TVs are fragile and often bulky. That means they need careful handling when you move to a new home. Depending on the size, they also don’t fit into conventional moving boxes. So how to pack a TV for moving can be a bit of a challenging question.

How to pack a TV for Moving

1. Prepare the TV

That’s right, you should prep your TV before you even think about moving it.

The best way to do this is to remove all the cables and accessories, such as sound systems, game consoles, and DVD players. These should be packed separately, together with their respective cables, remotes, etc.

Next, give your TV a quick clean. Use a soft cloth to clean the screen and ports. You may even want to put a screen protector across the screen, just in case.

2. Pack the TV

Chances are you’re using a van to transport your TV, and you don’t want it to break in transit. To avoid this, a simple and safe solution is to use the original box (if you still have it). Otherwise, opt for a special TV moving box

These are sturdy cardboard boxes and are available in different sizes designed specifically with TVs in mind, with their flat shape accommodating the particular shape of a TV. 

Together with handle cut-outs and cushioning material like foam edges or bubble wrap, they help ensure your TV gets safely from one place to the other. If you don’t have your own box, then a professional moving service, like ours, can provide one. 

Place the TV in the box, fill in any gaps with packing peanuts, air cushions, or bubble wrap for extra protection, and seal it safely with packing tape or stretch wrap.

3. Finishing Touches

When your TV is packed up and ready to move, simply label it as your TV and apply “Fragile” and “This Way Up” stickers to the box together with info in which room the box needs to go. This helps ensure your movers know this is a TV and can take extra care when moving it around and storing it inside the moving van.

As a top tip, simply treat your flat-screen TV as a large mirror throughout the process. This is the level of care you want to use!

Top Tip for Moving a TV to Your New Home

And finally, here are some of the best tips to remember to absolutely ensure your TV is safe and sound when you’re moving house.

  • Use the original box if possible. If you still have the original box that your TV came in, use it. The box was designed to fit your TV perfectly and will provide the best protection.
  • Use a sturdy box or crate that’s large enough to fit your TV with extra space for padding.
  • Avoid laying the TV flat, as this can damage the screen. Always try to keep the TV in an upright position.
  • Consider hiring professional movers. If you’re not comfortable moving your TV yourself, or if you have a large or expensive TV, consider hiring professional movers who have experience with moving fragile and delicate items.

When in doubt, let the moving professionals take care of it!

As professional movers, we have a lot of experience in handling your furniture, home electronics, and even fragile items. Beyond that, we can also take over the task of packing them for you, as well as provide the necessary packing supplies, like TV boxes. For you, this is the simplest solution and takes the question of how to pack a TV for moving. You simply don’t have to deal with it yourself! Have a look at our various moving services, and for further information, give us a call or send us a message!

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