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How to Organize a Move: Information for Your Moving Company

by | Sep 3, 2023

Knowing how to organize a move can go a long way in regards to reducing the stress of moving. We have already written at length about checklists and decluttering prior to a move; however, today we would like to address the subject of communication between you as a customer and your moving company.

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How to organize a move and look for the right movers

One of the first tasks of planning your move is usually finding the right moving company that suits your moving requirements as well as your budget. Therefore, you will probably gather initial cost estimates, and here is where providing the right kind of information starts:

We at Brothers EZ Moving do not only offer you a Free Estimate, but also an easy-to-use online form to fill in your basic information such as: 

  • name
  • phone and email address (as means to contact you)
  • zip codes of your current and future address (to gauge the distance and associated costs for the moving truck and to understand whether it will be a local or long distance moving project)
  • move size (Here we provide you with an easy drop-down selection like “small studio”, “3 bedroom house” or “large office”)
  • moving date (to ensure availability)
  • further notes (e.g. a guess of the amount/size of moving boxes that are going to be involved)

The above information allows us to to provide you with a free quote on the estimated moving costs you can expect.

As important as the costs are, these should not be your only criteria for your selection of the right service provider. You also want to be sure that they have experience when it comes to the particular characteristics and requirements of your move.


Communicate with your movers

When it comes to the question of how to organize a move, keep in mind: Even the best moving company depends on you providing them with all the necessary information in order to do their job properly.  To keep your movers well-informed here are some ‘key’ communications to consider:

  • Do you simply need the basic transportation of furniture and moving boxes? Alternatively, would you like them to take as many moving tasks as possible off your hands (e.g. packing the boxes for you?). Make sure to communicate your expectations and requirements. Only then can the moving company provide you with the right kind of quote as well as their best service.
  • Talk about your insurance needs: How much additional insurance would be necessary to cover your valuables any potential damages during your move?
  • Communication during the move is important. Even if the preparations have been thorough, there is always the possibility for last-minute questions during moving day. It might be as simple as the truck drivers needing additional information on where they are permitted to park the vehicle while on location. It could also be something of upmost importance, especially if the move is more complex, for example in the case of a long-distance move. So make sure to provide your movers with at least one cell-phone number, so you can be reached on moving day, regardless of your exact location.

Always keep the lines of communication open. Of course, this goes both ways: If you have any questions regarding your move, ask your moving company. But let’s start with the first step: Contact us for your free quote for your move! 


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