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How to Organize a Garage Sale or Yard Sale (Part 2)

by | Sep 3, 2023

how to organize a garage saleThis is the follow-up to our recent post on how to organize a garage sale/yard sale. In the first part we have talked about planning and preparations for the sale. Now it is time for taking it a step further:

Here are a few tips for the day of your sale and what to do once the sale has ended. True to our main subject, this is especially in respect to organizing such a sale as part of the decluttering process in preparation of your move.

Setting up “shop” for the sale

  • Try to move items that are not for sale out of the sale area or rope them off. If that is not possible or too complicated, make sure to mark them clearly as NOT for sale.
  • Make sure to group your merchandise in a logical way: books together, toys together, kitchen equipment together etc.
  • Mark your items with the respective prices: either directly on the pieces with the help of price stickers or with a thick marker on the cardboard boxes for small stuff, e.g.: “Every item in this box 50 Cents”
  • If you want to sell electrical equipment, have electrical outlets and batteries at hand, so you can demonstrate to interested buyers that everything is in working condition.
  • Display your goods in a way that is convenient for prospective buyers, for example on folding tables or other flat surfaces in similar heights. You should only put larger items on the ground, and only if necessary. If you do need to put some things on the ground, arrange them on a sheet, tarp or similar. Put clothes on hangers and use a garment rack to display them.
  • Make sure you have enough change available (at the very least plenty of 1 and 5 dollar notes as well as coins). This might be a good opportunity to put the collection in your coin jar to use. If you don’t have enough, you can get rolls of coins at your bank.
  • Put up clearly visible sign to state that you are not providing restrooms for the customers. Instead, you might want to have some information regarding the nearest gas station, fast food restaurant etc. handy, so you can point them out to visitors.
  • For security and privacy: Keep the blinds drawn and doors locked.
  • If you are using extension cords, arrange them in such a way that nobody can accidentally stumble over them.


More information on how to organize a garage sale/yard sale: What to do afterwards


  • If you put up signs about your yard/garage sale in the neighborhood, make sure to collect them afterwards.
  • You will probably have a lot of change left. You can bring that to your bank and put it on your account. Keep in mind though that you will probably have to sort and roll the coins yourself. Alternatively, many larger supermarkets have coin machines in their entry area. There you can exchange your coins with gift cards or (for a fee) bank notes.
  • Hopefully, you now have sold most of your goods that were up for sale and in return have gotten additional funds that you can put towards your moving budget or other expenses. But what do you do about the rest? You can either store it away for another occasion or put them up for sale online. If your main objective is to declutter your home, have a look at our article series about decluttering for your move. There you can find various tips on either selling, donating or recycling your clothing and kitchen items, books, electronics and furniture.

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