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How to Move Your Family – Moving Tips Part 2

Here is our second part with tips about “how to move your family” (see also “Our Best Moving Tips for Families – Part 1“.) We basically have compiled a “Best of” list of previous blog posts that deal with various family-related moving topics. Let’s dive in!

how to move your family

How to move your family: moving categories

In our previous blog post, we have mentioned the importance of preparing for moving day. Decluttering is usually a part of such a preparation, especially when the move involves a whole family.

How to declutter your home to prepare for the move:

Of course, “decluttering” does not necessarily mean throwing away all your unwanted items! After all, just because you don’t need certain items anymore, does not mean they cannot be of use or interest for someone else. Donating these items to a charitable cause is certainly a good option. However, you might feel the need to fill up your moving budget a bit. In addition, the chance of earning some pocket money might be a good motivation for the children of the family to sort through their own things as well. So why not sell them?

Packing for your move:

Once you have organized your belongings into what to get rid of and what to keep, one the next essential parts of move preparation is the packing. Therefore, it’s only logical that we have a category with a few tips for packing as well:

There is one packing-related topic we would like to especially point out to you, and that is the moving essential kit: a dedicated bag or box (or even more, depending on the size of the family), that contains various essential items that might be needed during or immediately after the move. Read more about our tips for your moving essentials kit here!

More tips

Do you have more tips or would like to share your own experiences about how to move your family? Let us know in the comments. And check back in for our next blog post and more family-related moving tips.

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