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How to Move Into Your First Apartment (Part 1)

by | Sep 3, 2023

Moving out from your parent’s place into your first apartment is a big event. For many it is an exciting step towards independence. Just keep in mind that this new freedom comes with a bunch of new responsibilities and some unfamiliar territory. The better prepared you are for your move and the transition period, the better. This is part 1 of our tips to help you with your move!

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Your first apartment: What to consider before moving


  • Can you afford to move out? Take a very good look at your income and your expenses. Keep in mind, your budget does not only need room for the rent, but also for utilities, insurance, security deposit etc. Also, make sure to leave some room for contingencies. Talk to those of your friends who already have experience living on their own and ask them about their monthly costs to make sure you have factored in all the necessary expenses.
  • What are the must-haves for your new home? You probably have some vision of your dream apartment. The problem is that especially for our  very own first place, the budget is typically restricted. Therefore, you need to figure out your priorities among the various criteria: size, number of rooms, part of town, neighborhood, commute to work etc.
  • A place of your own or moving in with a roommate? Sharing an apartment with someone else can help saving costs. It can also be a lot of fun, if it is the right person. It might also feel like an option that is safer than living on your own. Keep in mind though that to live together successfully you are going to have to make compromises on each other’s behalf. And of course, you also need to trust each other!
  • Create a moving checklist. Trust us: Moving can be stressful, especially when you do not have that much experience with it. A good checklist can help you stay on track, and you can find a lot of tips, inspiration and even moving templates online.
  • It might need some getting used to. You might have been waiting for a long time to be able to move out and finally get a place of your own. Once you have finished moving, do not be too surprised if it also feels a bit weird during the first days or even weeks. Do not worry. It simply might take a while before a new place feels like home, especially after moving long-distance.


Choosing the right moving company


With a limited budget you might feel tempted to cut costs by choosing the least expensive moving helpers. It is typical to recruit friends and family members, because of the cost-saving factor. Just keep in mind that expenses are not the only factor to consider. You might prefer the professionals for at least part of the moving day work. After all, the right professional moving company helps reduce the moving day stress considerably! Have a look at our recent article about moving helpers, and contact us to get a free quote for moving into your first apartment.

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