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How to Move a Piano

by | Sep 3, 2023

Want to know how to move a piano? — Hire professional piano movers!

In all seriousness, moving a piano is a very difficult task and should not be taken lightly especially if stairs or elevators are involved. Pianos are HEAVY, awkwardly shaped, and are usually very expensive. If you attempt to move a piano on your own and something happens to go wrong replacement fees may not be the only thing you end up paying; damage to your home and self or friends and family is also entirely plausible which makes hiring professional piano movers the cheapest option.

You may see a piano with wheels or one that is quickly set up on stage at a concert and think “I can move that!”

Not only are pianos heavier than you probably think they are they have an uneven weight distribution which makes them very difficult to move safely. Pianos can weigh upwards of 800 lbs and carry most of their weight in the top half while the legs and feet can be fragile and easily broken. Often, due to their size, pianos will tilt over making it extremely difficult to balance much less carry.

Still want to know how to move a piano?

The professional piano movers at Brother’s EZ Moving are experts when it comes to this old song and dance. First, the piano is secured to a dolly using a locking strap and steered using a hump strap while being transported to the truck. Our movers are well versed when it comes to lifting the piano on and off the dolly, properly balancing it during its trip, and negotiating steps. For flights of stairs our crew will carefully remove the piano from the dolly and maneuver so that nothing and most importantly no one is injured.

Once the piano is in the truck, our crews remove the piano from the dolly and wrap it in high quality moving padding then strap it to the side of the truck. The process is then reversed when the piano reaches its final destination.

Owning a piano can be an amazing experience but it’s similar to owning a pet. You have to purchase items to keep it in tip top shape. For a piano, this also includes hiring professional piano movers anytime you move. Professional piano moving companies like Brothers EZ Moving are licensed, bonded, and insured making them liable if any injuries or damages occur.

If this post has not yet convinced you not to take on piano moving on your own, please contact us or get a quote online before you make any final decision.


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