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How to Find the Best Places to Live in Brandon

If you are moving in Brandon (or to Brandon), you have probably been giving some thought to the best places to live in Brandon and/or its surroundings. An answer is not that simple though, because there might be a lot of “best places”. It simply depends on what you are looking for!


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Which are the best places to live in Brandon?

We can certainly point out several nice Brandon areas, but the question is: Which is the best place for you? That depends on a variety of factors such as your lifestyle and budget, your interests and family situation, place of work, and more. 

Real Estate

One of the major factors for your relocation is, naturally, your budget for renting or purchasing your new home. Websites like or  can be great tools for not only browsing the real estate market but also getting a better idea of which areas you can afford to live in and where to make the most of your budget.

Demographics and General Information

If you have already been living in the area, you probably already have a good idea about what you personally consider the best places to live in Brandon. If you are looking for a few more hard facts like demographics, crime rates, schools etc., you can find such information easily online, for example on pages like and

Have a look at our link list below to find more useful resources to learn about Brandon as your home town.


Brandon, FL, with a population from currently just under 110,000 is closely located near the comparatively larger Tampa and its many shopping possibilities. However, Brandon does have its own shopping mall, Westfield Brandon. as well as other interesting options of shopping and/or getting a bite to eat, either in Brandon itself or in the surrounding areas.


Moving in and around Brandon – with Brothers EZ Moving

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