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How to Feel More At Home after Moving Long Distance

by | Sep 3, 2023

Of course, moving long distance comes with the challenge of the actual move. Literally making yourself at home again after that, is quite another challenge! With the first part, hiring a reliable moving company with experience in long distance hauling like Brothers EZ Moving goes a long way towards making your move much easier.

In the following, we have listed several useful tips to help you feel truly at home in your new home.


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Start getting to know your new home before moving long distance


  • In most cases, you have probably seen your new home at least once in person before you move. In some instances though, this might not be possible, for example, when being deployed abroad. One way or the other, make use of modern technology like Google Street View: Roam around your new neighborhood virtually and get to know your future surroundings a bit.
  • What are the things you like to do for fun and relaxation? Consider a visit to a local theme park, or perhaps the theater or a museum? Look them up online for your new hometown, so that you already have an idea of what will be available there and have something to look forward to.  This will undoubtedly work well with your children.
  • Will the living conditions (climate, culture etc.) be different from what you are used to? Make sure to inform yourself well before moving. This will help you with your preparations and make you feel a bit less like a newcomer and more like a native.
  • Make use of the many opportunities to connect online and offline. Join local Facebook groups and sign up for your new local neighborhood paper or other local news.


Get the organizational part done


Work through your moving checklist to get through the organizational part of moving long distance. Once your possessions are in their places, the administrative errands taken care of and you can relax a bit, it will be much easier to feel at home.


Rebuild/expand your new social network


While keeping up the connection with your old friends, be open to making new friends, buddies and acquaintances in the new place. For example: Join a local gym, the PTA or (depending on your affiliation) church or other religious community. Websites like Meetup.com are a great place to find and connect with local interest groups, book and sports clubs etc.


What are your “best practices” for feeling at home in a new place? Let us know in the comments!


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