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How to Do Business During an Office Relocation

An office relocation can be a challenging time to do business: Many of the usual routines are temporarily suspended. Files are packed away in moving boxes. Colleagues that you are still expecting at the old location might already be at the new one. However, while routines might be suspended, the business itself usually is not. Here are some tips to help you keep doing business during an office move:

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Office Relocation

  • Choose a time/date for moving day when business can be expected to be slow. If your business is seasonal, plan the relocation for during the off-season. There is also the option to do the actual move of furniture and boxes etc. during the weekend. In that case, it is important that the departments/staff members have already packed their respective moving boxes and clearly marked their future location. This way, the move can be supervised by a few selected key members of the staff.
  • Make a plan with clearly assigned tasks and responsibilities. While a percentage of the staff is involved with help preparing and conducting the move, there should be someone responsible for manning the main telephone (and email inbox). Once the telephone system needs to be moved, you can make use of modern technology and transfer incoming phone calls to a cell phone. 
  • The IT department should be a priority consideration for the move: In general, business operation heavily relies on the functioning IT hardware, software and network administration.
  • On moving day, make use of mobile devices (cell phones, tablet and laptop computers) to access emails and make important phone calls.
  • Make sure the relevant information is available during the move. Files with hard copies will be packed away, so the key information should be stored on a company server as well as on computers/mobile devices and additionally in the cloud.
  • Communicate the relocation to your customers and business partners in advance, for example in the footers of your email. This should include the new business address and (if applicable) telephone and fax number. You should also state the date of the impending relocation.
  • Arrange the forwarding of your mail to your new address.


Bonus-tip: Hire the right moving company

This might sound self-explanatory, and probably a bit self-serving, but let’s face it: You need the right moving company! The office relocation in a corporate environment is usually not something you can take on all by yourself, even if your staff is involved in an actual moving capacity. For certain work you will want to hire the professionals, and not just any professional: Make sure to choose a moving company that is not only reliable and competent, but also experienced with doing company/office moves. We would like to invite you to take a look at the other sections of our website, especially this one about office moving. This should give you a better idea why Brothers EZ Moving is the right choice for you. So, contact us today for your free estimate!



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