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How to Change School When Moving House in Florida

by | Aug 9, 2022

If you have a family with children, the question of how to change school when moving house might sooner or later get important. This is especially true for people whose careers involve potential relocations. Determining the steps in changing schools when moving house before you move will help put your mind at ease.

how to change school when moving house

The Process of Transferring Your Child to Another School

The first step to take in changing schools when moving house is picking a school for your children to attend. If it’s a public school, that’ll be a relatively easy decision and one you’ve probably already thought about before you moved since your location determines which schools your child can attend. However, if you prefer your child to go to a different school within the school district, there are several options available through the Florida School Choice program. Children who have disabilities, suffer from bullying, have poor grades, or are low-income all qualify for specific programs within this suite of options that include scholarships, homeschooling, tax credits, charter schools, and open enrollment. To determine your options with School Choice, check out the Florida Department of Education website. For a listing of all public schools in your Florida school district, click here.

If you prefer to place your children in a private school, it’s time to research the best schools nearby according to the types of educational environment you want your children to receive. Survey your neighbors to see where their kids go to school. Check the local social media platforms, school ratings, and school websites to delve into their standards for teaching and any relevant credentials.

Documentation Needed for School Transfer

The last thing you want to think about when you have to change schools when moving house is all the paperwork and bureaucracy involved with transferring your children from one school to another. But with the right preparation and records in place, the process will be simple, and your child will be ready to make new friends and adapt to their new home in no time.

One thing that can be confusing about transferring your child from one school to the next is the changes in curriculum across state lines. If you are merely changing schools from one Florida district to another, there likely won’t be much difference between one school and another when it comes to what your child has already learned. But if you are transferring from out of state, you’ll want to determine the current standards your child is expected to meet depending on their grade.

Ensure all necessary documentation for transferring your child is secured before your move. This includes their vaccine records and school transcripts. If you do not have these on hand before you move, a simple call to your family doctor will ensure you receive them before enrolling your child. Most schools will require proof of address before your child can enroll, so you’ll also want to have bills sent via USPS mail to your new address to show that you are in fact living at this new location.

Moving comes with so many different headaches, including finding a new school and enrolling your children. Let us help you with the process of packing and transferring your belongings from your old home to your new home. Contact us today for a quote!

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