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How Much Should I Tip Movers?

by | Sep 3, 2023

Whether you are moving across town or across the country moving is seriously hard work, which is why you are likely considering hiring movers. You may not realize that movers are part of the service industry and as with other service providers, like servers and barbers, you may want to thank your movers for a job well done by offering a gratuity, which is why we have put together some guidelines for how much to tip movers.

The tipping amount can change based on multiple variations. The quality and difficulty of the move should factor into your decision on how much to tip. Assess how carefully your items were moved into your new home and adjust your tip up or down depending on the level of service you received. Of course, if the moving service was sub-par, you are not obligated to provide a tip.

You may also want to inquire about the company’s tipping policy and protocol prior to moving.

While our movers don’t expect a tip, Angie’s List, a consumer reporting website that features Tampa movers Brothers EZ Moving, recently posted a survey where 75% of respondents reported they show appreciation to their professional movers by tipping. The amounts differed, however. About 58% of those surveyed indicated they tip 5, 10, or 20 percent of the total moving cost while 17% prefer an hourly tip rate and 25% said they tip a flat per-person rate for each mover.

For those who prefer the latter and choose to tip a flat rate, make sure you have cash on hand divided equally to hand to each mover individually. You will generally want to tip $4-6 per man, per hour but if you feel that your movers went above and beyond in their efforts, you may want to increase the amount accordingly. For example, if a crew of two movers gets you moved in four hours you might tip a total of $20 or $10 to each mover and double the amount for an eight hour move.   

Movers don’t necessarily expect a tip and they most certainly won’t stand in front of your house with an outstretched hand and a raised eyebrow but here are some additional guidelines for how much to tip movers.

  • It is common to have cold bottled water, soda or sport drinks and snacks on hand.
  • Do not provide beer or alcohol of any kind. It is likely forbidden by the moving company.
  • Some people prefer to buy the crew lunch in lieu of a tip and some do both; whatever you are comfortable with. Please note if you do offer to buy the crew lunch, make sure to ask if they have a preference. Often, our teams eat pizza day after day which can quickly expand the waistline.  

To learn more about the moving process or how much movers cost visit our website or give Brothers EZ Moving a call today. We will not only find the perfect moving solution for you but also help with any questions on how much to tip movers.

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