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We have three moving insurance options for you to choose from. Released Value Protection, Homeowners Insurance, or Full Value Protection (Third Party Insurance).

Released Value Protection is provided with every move.

Basic insurance is free with every move you reserve.

Released Value Protection is a way to keep the cost of your move low.

We do work hard to prevent any damage; we blanket and wrap all of your furniture with plastic wrap, to reduce any damage. We treat all of your furniture as if were our family heirlooms. If you have furniture which is extremely valuable, or you feel is irreplaceable, we recommend that you get third party full replacement insurance. In the unlikely event that an accident occurs you will be covered.

Insurance Options Include:

  1. Released Value Protection
  2. Home Owners Insurance
  3. Full Value Protection

Released Value Protection

No Additional Cost. Basic Insurance is included with every move.

Brothers EZ Moving agrees to use caution to prevent damage. Should any damage still occur, Brothers EZ Moving agrees to assist the customer in the repair and/or replacement of the damaged articles at the sole discretion of the company.  Coverage is sixty cents per pound, per complete article of no more than fifty dollars per article. Each moving contract covers only the articles and services listed. We are responsible for only our negligence.

We assume no liability of any kind of loss or damage caused by moth or other infestations, rust, deterioration, Acts of God, acts of a Government agency or public enemy, driveways that cannot support the weight of our trucks or other causes beyond our control. We are not responsible for damage or breakage to items made of pressed wood.

Our responsibility is limited to sixty cents per pound per complete article or no more than fifty dollars per article whichever is less. Please be advised that the customer should obtain adequate insurance to protect them from loss or damage of goods.

We are not responsible for the contents of drawers, containers or other items of similar nature. We are not responsible for the electrical and/or mechanical functions of pianos, clocks, refrigerators, washers, dryers, or other instruments or appliances, whether our employees packed them or not. We recommend major appliances be serviced by a qualified service company.

Ordinary wear and tear in handling is not our responsibility. All claims must be made in writing within ten days after delivery and accompanied by a copy of paid receipt of all charges due to  the company. We have the right to inspect and repair allegedly damaged items.

Certificate of Liability Insurance

Additional Insurance Options

Home Owners Insurance

Talk with your Home Owners insurance agent to understand if your goods would be covered during the move.

Some policies require that the goods be in the home to be covered, which in the case of a move would not make them eligible. Some policies will cover approximately ten percent of the value of your personal property. You can ask your agent about an additional policy called Goods in Transit, which will absolutely cover you in the case of a move.

Home Owners Insurance is a good way to get 100% out of your money that is already spent. Check with your insurance provider to see if they cover you furniture and belongings on move day. If your home owner’s policy covers your move it will save you money on move day. Most home owner’s insurance policies cover moves and transportation of your belongings.

In the event that your insurance provider will cover the move for you it will not change the coverage we carry, you will be totally in charge of handling the coverage. We will not pay any deductible and we are still liable for sixty cents a pound with a maximum of fifty dollars per article.

Additional Insurance Options

Full Value Protection – Third Party Insurance

Full replacement insurance can be purchased through a third party company. To find a Third Party Insurance company, just search Third party moving insurance on

If you choose this option we will still be liable for the amount of sixty cents per pound, but the rest of the loss will need to be recovered by the insurance company up to the amount that was purchased. You can purchase the moving insurance through the third- party insurance company.

This type of insurance is most often called Assessed Value Protection. You can purchase insurance for a specific amount per $1,000.00 of value. The moving insurance price varies depending on the items you are insuring.

You should get three quotes for moving insurance so you can get the best cost for moving insurance. Most third party insurance providers will give you an option to purchase your moving insurance online directly from the insurer’s company website. The first thing to do after you purchase insurance is take pictures of the items that are insured with date and time stamps. This way you will be prepared if a claim needs to be filed.

If you want full replacement coverage you will need to purchase this at least several days prior to your moving day which is the first date the movers will be handling your belongings.

Tampa Moving InsuranceBaker International Insurance

Additional Insurance Options

 Tampa Moving Insurance

Our goal is to match or exceed the insurance offered by other Tampa movers. Call us with any questions you have about our insurance options. While you have us on the phone, get your free estimate today!

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