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Getting Your Security Deposit Back

by | Sep 3, 2023

Most people don’t think about security deposits beyond writing the check when they move in, and where it is when they move out. It is essential to plan ahead and read your lease carefully. Here are some tips to help you better understand what must be done in order to have your deposit refunded.

How Do You Get Your Security Deposit Back?

Know the law. There may be laws that favor the landlords over tenants, but there are some rules that protect you. For instance, a landlord keeping your security deposit without an explanation is illegal. As explained by U.S News % World Report below,

“More than a third of the renters surveyed who did not get back their deposits (36%) said the landlord gave no explanation—which is actually illegal in 47 states. Unless you live in Louisiana, North Carolina or West Virginia, your landlord is required by law to give you a written account of charges to your security deposit.” 

Get ready, inspect, and collect evidence even before you move in.   Photos of any existing damage or stains are a good example. Landlords will sometimes give you a document to use to record this information. To accompany this, take photos for your own records. Emailing can help if you have any concerns about pre-move-in conditions. Take “recording everything that is agreed upon” as a habit.  

Make sure you’re keeping the place in good condition before moving out. Or it might cost you. Take care of your pets if they are with you and make sure they don’t do too much damage. Invest in anything that can prevent repairing on your end if necessary. In the case that damage has been done, try to fix any unwanted changes to the unit. This may mean cleaning thoroughly as well as simple as removing all nails and screws from the ceiling and walls.

Meet the landlord before moving out in order for them to inspect the unit. If the landlord states no reason to charge you, try to get the deposit back at this meeting. It’s always wise to fix whatever problem there is before meeting with the landlord.

Hire an experienced moving company to handle the move.  A company that is not experienced could cause damage to your place, which could lose you your security deposit.

If you’re looking to hire an experienced moving company in your area, give us a call.  We are happy to help with all types of moves.



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