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Here at Brothers EZ Moving your attitude will determine your altitude. We are always looking for the very best movers to join our team.

This job is like cross fit everyday all day. Can you hang?

7 Reasons to be a Mover with Brothers EZ Moving

1. Great Money

If you’re skilled at moving, the financial benefits can be substantial. Happy clients tip often, so if you care about your work and enjoy putting in the effort, it’s EZ money.

2. Fitness

You’ll be in the best shape of your life if you can do this every day.

3. Spirituality

You can support your customer through one of life’s most difficult obstacles and shine in the midst of a major challenge.

4. Travel

Some of our movers have cross-country moves, so you get to see a lot of different places.

5. Flexibility

You can work here part-time if you’d like.

6. Fun

Work hard, yet have fun. This isn’t a job you’ll get bored doing. Being a mover can be exhilarating if you’re willing to work hard all day long.

7. Freedom

It’s liberating to know that you’re not chained to a desk all day, with someone watching everything you do. This is a career that necessitates self-motivation, independent thinking, and the ability to work alone.

Job requirements

  1. Must be 21 years or older
  2. Must have drivers license with no points, accidents or suspensions for traffic tickets.(clean MVR)
  3. Must be able or willing to learn to drive a 26 foot box truck
  4. Must be able to run up and down stairs up to 30 times a day
  5. Excellent customer service skills
  6. Must be able to lift 100 pounds over your head while walking and maneuvering up stairs and down stairs in tight spaces
  7. Disciplined, athletic type people that are great at customer service.

We pay based on experience and stages of training.

We work Monday through Saturday.

You break you buy. So be very careful while you hustle.

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