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Change of Address After Moving (Part 2)

After covering how to notify the USPS, DMV, and IRS about your change of address in our recent Part 1, the following is about notifications for other service providers, vendors, social contacts, etc.

Change of Address - address book and ink bottle

Financial institutions and loan providers

If you have a look at the small print of your agreements, you will probably find that you have a contractual obligation to notify these providers with your new address. But even if that was not the case, you want to make sure that you receive your billing statements in time, especially if you receive them via regular mail.

You usually have several options to do so. If you are unsure about the right contact information to do that, have a look at one of your statements. You can usually find

  • a postal address there,
  • as well as a customer service telephone number
  • and email address.

Alternatively, go to the bank’s/provider’s “Contact us” part of their website for information. You might even find a contact form there.

Utilities and Service Providers

The procedure is basically the same as with your credit card providers. Check your statements and/or the respective website for the contact information to notify them of your change of address. Alternatively, you might have an online profile where you can log in and update your address as well.

Please keep in mind that some providers (like water) might only operate within a limited area, i.e. the city or county. If you are moving out of this designated area, you might have to change providers.

Online-Shops, etc.

Wherever you buy items for delivery or shipping, that’s where you will need to update your address – sooner or later. In most cases, you can do this if and when you see fit, usually by logging into your account and making the relevant changes yourself.

However, if you are have bought something there that you are still paying off in the form of installments, there might be an existing agreement to update your contact information as soon as possible/applicable.

Friends, Family, and Social Contacts

Here is where you have the choice! Only a percentage of your personal contacts might need to be aware of your address anyway. If you need/want to notify numerous people at once, a group email might be the easiest way.

However, not everyone wants their email address known to other people. If you write a group email, you should respect everyone’s privacy and NOT make their email address visible to the other recipients. You can easily manage that by putting your own email address in the “To:” field, and the other people’s email addresses in the “BCC:” field.

Change of Address: Your actual Relocation with Brothers EZ Moving

We are here to help you with the physical part of your change of address: Moving your possessions from one place to the other. Contact us for more information and a free moving estimate!


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