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Furniture Set - How to Sell Home Furnishings When Moving

How to Sell Home Furnishings When Moving

One question to ask yourself researching how to sell home furnishings when moving is: “Am I selling for profit, for the sake of decluttering, or perhaps a combination of both?” Also: “How quickly do I need the money?”“Are my potential customers local, regional, or even further away?”“How comfortable am I with selling online?”“How far do […]

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should I move away - different directions - dividing road

Should I Move Away for a New Start?

If you are looking for a new start, it sounds like a tempting question: “Should I move away? Will the new start be easier in a new environment?” This is not a simple question to answer, at least not for an outsider. Whether a move might be a good solution for you depends on your […]

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move in house cleaning

Our Tips for Move in House Cleaning

Move in house cleaning is one of the many challenges when you are moving into your new home. It is also part of the process of making yourself comfortable and “at home.” Let’s face it, it just feels better when your new surroundings look and smell clean. You probably prefer not having to wonder about […]

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moving with a fish tank

Tips For Moving With A Fish Tank

Moving with a fish tank is different in many aspects from moving a birdcage, a hamster cage, or a regular piece of furniture. It requires planning, preparation, and know-how in order to keep the inhabitants of the fish tank healthy and avoid costly damages to the equipment. Here are our tips for relocating your fish […]

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