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Safety first - moving safety tips

8 Moving Safety Tips

Moving is hardly ever easy. It can be stressful, difficult, and emotionally demanding. There are even some potential dangers to be aware of. This is especially true for someone who is moving for the first time and lacks the expert knowledge of a professional moving company. The following are a few moving safety tips to […]

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The Emotional Stress of Moving

According to coach and psychologist Sarah Godfrey, the potential emotional stress of moving ranks among the top five most stressful situations we experience in our lives. She even likens the stress level to that of a divorce. Of course, this does not mean that we should not move to a new home! On the contrary, […]

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the stress of moving house - women sitting against sofa

How to Handle the Stress of Moving House

For many people, a house move is not only a costly undertaking but one associated with a certain amount of stress. The good news: There are various ways to not only save on moving costs but also alleviate and/or handle the stress of moving house. Our Advice for Handling the Stress of Moving House There […]

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shopping carts - shopping after you move

What to Buy After You Move

It’s likely that you are going to buy a variety of items after you move. These might either be items you need to restock or such that you had held off buying until after the main part of the move is done. Now that the moving van is emptied and you have had a chance […]

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