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Downsizing Your Home For Financial Benefit

Downsizing your home can be more than a measure to relieve financial straits. Instead of something that is dictated by circumstances, it can be a strategy towards a better quality of life – financially or otherwise. We have already written about how to go about downsizing. This time, we want to take a closer look […]

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small house, downsizing your home

Should You Upsize Your Home?

Are you thinking about upsizing your home? There are several practical reasons for requiring more living space, for example a growing family or the merging of two households. Another reason might be wanting to transition from a starter home to a bigger and perhaps more prestigious place. Upsizing your home – by moving or enhancing? […]

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Tips for Making Yourself at Home When Moving to Another Country (Part 1)

The transition period after moving to another country can be quite challenging: First you have had the organizational hassle of the long distance relocation. Now you need to adjust to a new living and business environment with potentially different customs and maybe even a different language. Here are a few tips to help you with […]

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