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Best Tips for Walls and Floor Protection During Your Move

by | Sep 3, 2023

When you move out of your home, you want to leave it in the same condition it was in when you moved in. Most likely the new owners have already done an inspection. If you’re renting you risk problems with your security deposit if damage is done during the move.  Of course, you also want to prevent damage to your new home when you are moving in.

Therefore, here are a few tips for wall, door, and floor protection on moving day.

material for wall and floor protection

Floor Protection

Floors are more sensitive than you may think. Whether you have tile, wood, or carpet floors – you should take measures to protect them. In order to do this, you should be placing some kind of floor cover over the top before your move.  This not only prevents scrapes and cracks but provides a level of protection for your flooring from heavy foot traffic and dirt during the move.

If there is no reason for concern about cracking and are looking to protect your carpets, you can use plastic sheets or paint drop cloths to cover the carpet. Many people like to use flattened cardboard boxes, especially since they tend to be on-site during a move anyway. However, make sure to use them in such a way that you don’t accidentally stumble over them. Further options to consider are special floor protection paper and furniture pads.

As already mentioned, it’s important to make sure that you secure the floor coverings in such a way that they do not constitute any risk of stumbling or slipping. After all, you need to be able to move on and across them safely!

Wall Protection

You want to prevent scraping, dirt, and nicks on the walls. If there’s an area that you know you will be moving past frequently or that is particularly narrow like a tight hallway, consider protecting the walls by hanging drop cloths. If you have tiled walls, e.g. in the bathroom, you can also tape packing paper to the tiles or even bubble wrap for extra protection.

If you understand the space you are in, you’ll be less likely to damage it. Make yourself familiar with the different areas of your new home and make a plan where to move the various items in which order so they are not in they way.

Door Protection

Doorways can incur a great deal of damage when larger items are being carried through. Nicks, scrapes, and sometimes even breakage might occur. You can protect the doorways with bubble wrap to create a cover as well as buffer level. Be careful when removing the material and tape to prevent any damages to the paint underneath after the fact.

Hire Experienced Movers

Last but not least: Hiring a professional moving company can go a long way to make your move go smoothly. Send us a message or give us a call for more information, and get a free quote for your own move!

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