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Best Jobs for People Who Move Frequently (Part 1)

Unless the actual reason for your move is job-related, it is often more difficult for people who move frequently to maintain/establish their professional career. At least this used to be the case within the classic work environment: Traditionally, “job hopping” used to be rather frowned upon in the corporate world.

The good news is that in the modern economy this view has gradually been shifting. In addition, modern information technology has led to many new developments in the working world. This enables much more mobility and flexibility.

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People who move frequently for family reasons

An example for someone who might want a job but needs to move nevertheless are spouses of US military personnel. The family moves according to the changing deployment of the military member.

There are also careers within the corporate world where an employee is sent to a branch or project in a different state or even abroad for an extended period of time. In such cases, it is not unusual that the family is part of the relocation process. This means that the options for the respective spouse to hold a long-term job that requires regular on-site attendance are rather limited.

You do have options!

Fortunately, there various employment options for people who move frequently. One possibility is find a job that allows you to work off-site (e.g. from your home office). Another option is to create a freelance/self-employed career that you can pursue independent from your current location.

Search for remote jobs

Many companies now offer jobs in various areas that can be conducted off-site/remotely. To find them, simply use the familiar job-posting websites like, etc. There are even websites that specialize in jobs that can be done remotely, for example “Rat Race Rebellion“.

Look for keywords like “work from home”, “home office”, “telecommute”, “virtual” or “remote”. When using “remote” though keep in mind that there are actual locations in the US with the name of “Remote”.

When moving is concerned…

We will continue this subject in next week’s blog post. When it comes to the actual issues of moving, feel free to reach out to Brothers EZ Moving for a free quote and further information.

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