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A Rave Review on Brothers EZ Moving!

by | Sep 3, 2023

We are so happy when our customers have a great experience.  As a nearby or long-distance moving company, we try to make sure our customers have a great experience.  A big part of this is having qualified professional movers. Check out this awesome review from Karen!

Qualified Professional Movers Made All the Difference in This Move

We could not have been more pleased with our move. One of the reasons we chose Brothers movers was that we were assured that the same people who loaded our furniture would be the same people unloading. We did know that the packers would be a separate crew then the loaders. Even so, it was apparent they all worked well together and the packers were well aware of what the movers would need the next day. Everyone employed by Brothers EZ Movers was courteous, polite, friendly and professional. It was apparent they enjoyed their job and even though they were working hard, they still managed to have fun. They were aware of our children, engaging them in appropriate conversation, which helped make the days to be exciting rather then stressful for the children.

Day one: Packing our house. Everything was packed well and efficiently. Every piece of furniture was blanketed and wrapped. The crew knew that storage would be tight and made sure they did everything to condense our belongings. Anything that could be taken apart was, with every screw and nut put back in its place. We had quite a few antiques, which were handled with care, as well as a piano and a few tricky pieces. The basketball hoop gave them a run for their money, but eventually they had it disassembled and ready to load.

Day 2: The trucks were loaded. Again, everyone made the day progress smoothly and efficiently. Gary; the company owner, Paul, Brian, Danny, and Rob loaded our trucks and made the trip North to unpack. It was apparent the relationship between Gary and his workers was easygoing while respectful. We were also impressed with the professional packing ability which enabled them to fit all our belongings into the 2 trucks. In the 24 hour drive North, nothing shifted out of place. Unloading in MA was quick and efficient. Watching them fit a truck full of belongs into a storage unit was impressive. Furniture was moved into the house and boxes placed in the right rooms. Anything that needed to be assembled was taken care of; any boxes we unpacked during the day were cleared and brought to the recycling bin. They even went through each room at the end of the day to make sure everything was placed where we wanted it. Moving a family can be quite a stressful event, Brothers EZ Moving took our worries and stress away. Our only complaint is, we were so impressed with them that we will probably have to fly the crew back up to MA to help us move to our permanent housing.

Have you worked with Brothers EZ Moving company yet?  Let us know about your experience!

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Adan and Fil were efficient and handled items with care. I would use them again.
These guys were great. Very polite and professional. Hard workers and the move went well with no damages!And Gary is very patient with me as I had difficulties trying to get him paid through Zelle and had to get a business check but he was very patient and we got it all figured out. I would recommend this company for local moves.
Highly recommend this company. From estimate to final move, we received the best service from the office staff who explained and answered all our questions and the 2 young men who moved us taking all precautions with our items. Thank you for your transparency and professionalism.