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8 Long Distance Moving Tips

We have compiled this list of long distance moving tips to help you take some of the stress off your long distance move. Since you cannot be in two locations at once, careful planning is essential in such cases. Choosing the right professionals for your move is of course another essential factor. But more about that later. Let’s have a look at the list first:


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Long distance moving tips

  • Know your destination: Be aware of potential differences of your new location in contrast to your former one. The better you know about those, the better you can prepare.
  • Checklist: Prepare a moving checklist with the different tasks and a timeline.
  • Declutter before packing: We have already written extensively about the advantages of decluttering before moving. When moving long distance, this tip might come especially handy: It saves you time, work, space on the moving van, and pre-move is a perfect time for sorting out what you don’t want or need anymore.
  • Packing your breakables: Be especially careful when packing and cushioning anything breakable. The longer the transportation route between your old and new place, the more risk is there for unforeseen things like driving over road bumps or other rough terrain.
  • Inventory: Make a list of the various (clearly labelled!) boxes and other unboxed items to make sure everything has arrived safely.
  • Packing your “essentials kit”: Because of the longer transportation route, you want to make sure that you have your moving essentials kit handy – the items you might need during moving day and for your first night in your new home. Once your belongings are on the road for a longer time, it becomes quite tricky to access them. And in case their delivery is delayed, you at least have your essentials to tide you over.
  • Information for the movers: Make sure your movers have all the information they need, including your mobile phone, so they can check back with you during moving day.
  • For your new destination: How to Feel More At Home after Moving Long Distance


Choose the right long distance moving company

The choice of the right professionals to help with your move is especially important when you are planning a long distance move. You want them to be trustworthy, experienced, and of course: affordable! Have a look at the section about our long distance moving services to find out more about why Brothers EZ Moving is the perfect partner for you moving project!


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