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5 Tips for Moving to the Beach

by | Sep 3, 2023

Moving to the beach is a dream for many of us! If you’re planning to make this dream a reality – congratulations!  Getting there though, you’ll want to make sure you are fully prepared.

Moving to the beach and living in a beachfront property

Even for living the dream, there are a few things you need to prepare for when moving to a beachfront property.  Here are some moving tips for moving to a beachfront property.

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Check potential traffic restrictions 

Depending on where you live, you need to take into account some traffic restrictions for the beach area. These are often in place to protect the local wildlife and environment. You might not be able to access the beach with your car, so make sure to inform yourself about the regulations. 

Prepare for crowds in the summer

When you live near the beach, the summer months are usually extremely busy, not only with locals but also with tourists. In contrast, winter months might be quieter and more peaceful – depending on whether the beach is in an area with a hot climate. In that case, it might still be frequented by winter tourists who wish to flee the cold.

Move during the cold season

There are various reasons to move during the winter months, and that includes cheaper rental prices (if you’re planning to rent). If you’re buying a house, the winter season is a good time to do so: Moving accessibility is usually easier and the buying market is less competitive. 

Be prepared for a “lull” in the off-season

This is especially relevant for smaller communities and areas with changing seasons and an economy depending on tourism: Since fewer tourists visit during the cold season, many restaurants and store owners will decide to stay open for fewer hours or even close temporarily. For the residents, this might mean more space and quiet as well as the one or other bargain price. However, this might also affect some jobs that are linked to tourism.

Be aware and prepared for hurricane season

It’s a given that hurricanes are more likely to occur near the beach It’s undeniable that you’ll be at a greater risk of being affected by them if you live there. For this reason, keep track of warnings for hurricanes, tropical storms, etc., and prepare yourself as well as your property. Inform yourself about local hurricane shelters and evacuation routes. It’s best to be done with your move before the start of hurricane season, and that includes delivery of new furniture, renovation measures, etc.

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