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5 Tips for Moving Out After a Separation

Moving out after a separation comes with challenges on several levels: emotional, legal, and organizational. For each of these three aspects, there are professionals to advise you about the potential implications. As moving experts, we happen to be your partners for the organizational part.

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The organizational (and legal) aspects of moving out after a separation

The separation between a former couple can be more or less amicable, and that’s what can make a big difference when it comes to the particulars of moving out. These particulars can be very individual, so we can only give you a few general tips. Here they are:

  1. Sometimes, the need or wish for a separation can come unexpectedly, not allowing you much time for the preparation of your move. Have a look at our tips for packing when you need to move in a hurry!
  2. Is the home owned by one or both parties, or are they tenants? If the home is rented, additional questions regarding the rights and responsibilities of tenants need to be addressed (specifically though not limited to the following points 3 and 4.)
  3. Are both parties moving out of the home, or is one of them staying? In the first case, move-out cleaning and repairing might be required as well.
  4. If both parties are moving out: Is there a security deposit, and are you entitled to get back your share? This depends on whether you paid in a partial or the full amount. The rest is a question of individual agreements.
  5. Who gets what? This is relatively easy if one of the partners moved into an already established household and has brought a few items of their own with them. If certain possessions like furniture or appliances have been purchased at a later point, things might get more complicated. Did one or both parties pay for them? The more amicable the separation, the easier it should be to reach an agreement. However, if things get contentious, this is a classic case in which legal support might be required.

Brothers EZ Moving – We are your partners for moving out after a separation

While we as moving experts cannot give any legal or psychological advice, what we can do is help you with the organizational part. Have a look at our moving services, and contact us to request a free estimate of your moving costs.

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