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5 Tips for a Roommate Moving Out

Many young people decide to move in together to save money and share resources. Often, it is implied that these living arrangements are of a temporary nature. These are our tips for a roommate moving out.

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1.     How to tell your roommate you are moving out

Telling your roommate that you are moving out can be awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. The best way to approach this is by being open and honest about the situation. Be sure to let your roommate know why you are moving out and your plans for moving forward.

2.     Give your notice as soon as possible

If you don’t give enough notice, it can cause problems for both of you. Your roommate may not have time to find another roommate or even move out themselves if they need more time than you did. They could also cause damage to the apartment while they look for another place to live if they don’t take their time finding one in advance of their departure date.

3.     Clean up after yourself before leaving

This tip might seem obvious, but it’s important nonetheless! Leaving behind dirty dishes or piles of clothes on the floor is unappealing and disrespectful when moving out of an apartment shared with other people (especially if they’re paying rent). If there’s anything left behind, make sure it’s cleaned up before departing from the property. You don’t want any bad feelings when you leave. If you arrived at a clean space, leave the space as clean as when you arrived.

4.     Leave nothing behind

Leave nothing of yours behind. It is not your ex-roommates job to get rid of your stuff – unless you have gifted it to them and they want it. If you don’t want something, donate it or throw it out! Don’t leave anything behind that belongs to you because someone else will have to deal with it later on down the road when they move out themselves.

5.     Shared items

When it comes to shared items, follow these rules.

Make an inventory of all shared items. Get together with your roommates and make an inventory of everything shared between you. This includes furniture, appliances, and electronics — even things like towels and bedding that may not be obvious. Have clear conversations about what you hope to take with you. There may be many things you don’t have a problem leaving behind. Planning through conversations helps to avoid any surprises.


What about the Security Deposit?

Bonus 2:

Since we cannot give you any legal advice, have a look at this Guide to Tenant’s Rights and Duties

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It’s always better to start packing before you have to move out. This way, you won’t be rushing around trying to find boxes or tape at the last minute. Start looking for moving supplies now so that when it comes time to pack up your stuff, you can go about things quickly and efficiently.

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