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5 Money-Saving Tips for the Savvy Mover

by | Sep 3, 2023

Moving can be a costly experience if you don’t know how to make it work for you.  You’re going to love these money-saving tips to help your move pay for itself!  With all these savings, you can hire professional movers to get the job done right.

Save Enough Money to Hire Professional Movers

Tip #1:  Out with the Old

Moving is a great chance to clear out the things you don’t use or want anymore.  Holding a yard sale can help you get prioritize your belongings and make some extra money for moving day.

Tip #2:  Find the Discount

Do you have a flexible moving date?  Do you have a clear idea of what services you need?  Knowledge is power!  Ask about every service and available discount, and get estimates for multiple levels of service.  You may even consider making a few phone calls for a price comparison to ensure you are getting the best moving rate.

Tip #3:  Tax Deductions

This might not be an immediate reward, but it’s a great way to counteract costs.  Are you moving for work?  If you are, your moving expenses are deductible.  They can add up very quickly on your tax return at the end of the year.  Keep track of expenses such as supplies, mileage, and services.

Tip # 4:  Get a Package Deal

If you can swing it, always choose full service with your moving company.  Many moving companies offer incentives when you use their package services. You’ll get more bang for your buck, and be happier with your experience.

Tip #5:  Free Yourself Up for More Money-Making Time

Moving takes time, and time is money.  Make sure you add up time saved when considering your moving costs.  Balance the cost and factor in packing time, time missed from work, gas, transportation, and supplies.  

You may find that moving on your own is more affordable.  Or, you may find that a moving company will be money-saving, or be comparable.

How did you save money when making your last move? Let us know what helpful tips you might have in the comments below.

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