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Tips for Downsizing Your Home

his will hep you to determine what you need and prioritize your belonging.People have varied reasons why they would move from bigger home to a smaller space. For some, it’s out of need. They just could not afford to keep a huge place.  This was the trend when the market crashed a few years back. Families were forced out of their 3-bedroom homes and into apartments.

For other people, there might be a chirpier reason – like moving in with a partner or getting a place in the city. Whatever your reasons are for moving, the struggle is the same. What are you going to take to the new place and what will you let go of? You certainly can’t bring everything. It just won’t fit. Besides, it’s healthy to downsize every once in a while because you’re reminded of the things you have, and you’re able to assess whether you still need them or not.  Florida apartment movers know how to set up your space, and these are their recommendations for moving into a smaller home.

 Use These Tips to Help Downsize Your Home

To help make the downsizing process easier for you, here are a couple tips you could try:

Canvas the Place You’re Moving Into

The most important thing is to get the measurements of your new place and figure out what fits in it. This will help you to prioritize your belongings.

Be Realistic About What You’re Keeping.

If you’re moving from a 2-bedroom home to a studio apartment in the city, then that means you’ll have to let go of a lot. You might not need two TVs, a massive dining room table or wall to wall closets. Be realistic about the things you’ll take. You may love that grandma couch you’ve always had, but if it won’t fit in your new place, there’s no point bringing it. Make rational decisions, not just emotional ones.

Label All Your Belongings

Make an inventory of all your belongings – from the bed to the pots and pans. Once you have a list of everything, classify them into 4 piles – keep, maybe, sell and leave. The keep pile is things you cannot live without- maybe it’s a good quality mattress that or a sentimental china set. Make sure that they actually fit in your new apartment or home.

The maybe pile is things you might need to keep but are the first ones to go when your new home lacks space. The sell pile includes things you think other people might need if they have a bigger space, but you just afford to take. The leave list should include items you can definitely do away without and cannot sell.

 With a little prioritizing, you can downsize successfully.  What’s in your must-have pile?  Let us know in the comments below!


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