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What to Do When You Need to Move Fast

Moving is already thought of as a daunting job, but moving quickly is a real challenge. You will have to coordinate everything, from turning your lease or mortgage over to signing a new one, in a short span of time.  Not to mention, you have to handle all the other logistics, such as your job, informing everyone of your new address, packing, hiring a mover and so on. This list may seem endless, but there are ways to make your move easier and safer despite how quickly you have to do it.

Tips for a Quick DIY Move

  • Keep a List and Follow It

The key to sticking to a timeline is making sure that you’ve covered everything in a DIY move. As much as the human mind is amazing at remembering things, a tangible list that you can look at when you’re stressed and pressed for time will help you deal with your chores faster.

Before the mayhem of relocating starts, sit yourself down and list everything that you need to do before leaving where you currently are and what you have to accomplish when you get to the new place. This list should include changing your mailing lists, resigning from your current job professionally (if required), enumerating what to bring and what to leave and so on. Feel free to introduce as many items as you think necessary.

  • Reduce Before Packing Starts.

As mentioned above, you need to significantly reduce your belongings to the essentials because it’s expensive and tedious to move so many things, especially on short notice. Before hiring a professional mover to pack your stuff or asking your friends to help you pack, get rid of everything you’re not taking first. Mark them as items to sell or give away. That way you don’t confuse yourself and the people helping you out. 

  • Ask For Help

There is no substitute with a huge task for more hands, so ask your parents, friends, and siblings if they could lend you a hand on some of the tasks on your list. Make sure you are detailed and clear when you give them tasks to do, so you don’t end up doing double the work.

The easiest way to make sure you’re doing things right and you move on time is to not do a DIY move at all.  Enlist professional services to make the quick relocation smoother for you. Get the movers to pack your stuff. There are even people who can be hired to organize a garage sale for all of your things!  For things you know you won’t need in the new place, you can donate them and have the charity organization pick them up. That way you won’t go through the trouble of dragging a bulky furniture all the way to their office.


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