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Highlighted Reviews: Long Distance Moves

Moving long-distance can involve a lot of work.  We’ve handled a number of long-distance moves, and we are proud of our happy customers.  These reviews show how much our customers appreciate our attention to care and detail when handling a long-distance move.

Read These Reviewers Experiences on Moving Long-Distance

Having a smooth, timely move is very important.  This reviewer couldn’t be happier with how the events unfolded.

“Our move was planned by Lynda. Darryl was assigned to us. They both answered my many questions and made this move effortless. Our movers were Michael, Brandon and Melvin. I cannot say enough good things about these polite, caring, hardworking, fine young men. Brandon and Michael came up to PA. Our closing was at 3 pm and they were unloading our possessions at 4pm. We filled their truck. Amazing service at a good price. I highly recommend them.”

Description of work:

Moving services from Tampa, Florida to Greensburg, Pennsylvania

We’ve helped many people relocate TO Florida as well!
“Aaron and Jamel were absolutely amazing guys who knew what they were doing. He estimated how long it would take and was right on time. The came in ready to get the job done as quickly and gracefully as possible. They were careful with our furniture and even helped setup the bedroom for ample space. I will be using their services again!!!!!! I’m sorry I didn’t have water or that the air was just turned on, but they didn’t complain at all!! They made our move from Minnesota to Florida so smooth.. We’re happy!!!!”

Description of work:

Unload the moving truck, quickly, nice , professional, smart in setting up furniture.

We can even come long distances to help you move so that you can have a company on your side that you can rely on.

“The move went very well i enjoyed the company of the crew as they worked very hard and fast they still made time to be respectful and courteous. They wraped every peice in blankets and shrink wrap to insure nothing got knicked or dinged. Then when it was all wrapped up they loaded the truck so fast i barley had time to gather up the items i wanted to bring personally. They were like a moving vacuum sucking up every thing in sight. After they finished tht day they left the next morning and met me at my new home 1 day later.(the same guys tht loaded my stuff back in fl)they unloaded the truck very quick yet cautiously i didnt have any damages to my homes\furniture. They placed it right were i wanted as well as put it all back together and was very pleased with the over all service of the move”.

Description of work:

They moved me very effectively and proffesionaly had no probelems even though i went to another state which was about 600 miles away

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