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Downsizing with Brothers EZ Moving

Downsizing is one of the most difficult moves you’ll make.  It requires exceptional organization and an understanding of how to properly and carefully move your furniture so no damage comes to the property or to your belongings.  Having a professional on your side can help.  Just read this reviewer’s experience with downsizing when he trusted the advice of professional condo movers.

Professional Condo Movers Know How to Downsize Properly

“Absolutely the most painless move I’ve ever been involved in, and I’ve moved a lot over the past 30 years. Matt called an hour ahead of time to advise they were on their way, and told me that he and Aaron would be our movers. They showed up right on time, and assured us that they would help us with anything we needed, including extra boxes, tape, packing, etc.. They disassembled (and reassembled) anything that needed to go over in separate pieces (like the bedroom set, end tables), wrapped everything carefully and did a great job getting the move done. Both Matt and Aaron were so wonderful to work with; very polite and attentive, constantly asking if there was anything we needed help with and checking to make sure they got everything we wanted to move and where things should go in the new place. Aaron even helped us decide where to place the furniture in the condo, and his suggestions were perfect. They finished in exact amount of time estimated by Darryl (3 hours) and the cost was also exactly the same as the quote, and there was zero damage. I would definitely use Brothers to move again, and would also request Matt and Aaron. Overall, as much as I hate moving, this was pleasant experience.

We hired Brothers EZ Moving for a move from a 2-bedroom house with an office to a one-bedroom condo. We had a lot of boxes (at least 40) and some very heavy furniture to move. We were moving a friend who is disabled, and wasn’t completely organized (we flew in from Az to help).”

Have you ever downsized your home? Tell us about your experience below!

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