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Moving is a Smooth and EZ Experience

Have you ever thought of your upcoming moving day with an expectation of ease and contentment?  With Brothers EZ Moving Company on your side, you can expect to relax.  Listen to this customer’s great and easy experience with our moving companies in Tampa.

Our Moving Companies in Tampa Make Your Move EZ

“My husband and I arrived early to secure the dock with our car in case Brothers EZ was late, but that wasn’t needed because Will, Eric, and Derrell were right on time. All three young men moved quickly and were exceptionally polite. We ave not yet opened all of our boxes and bins, but the contents of our kitchen, a glass entertainment stand, and a 55” TV made it to our new home without a scratch. We were able to help some when loading the truck, but it seemed as if we were hindering their progress more than helping, so we backed off a bit. The three young men had a nice system of “Tetris” going on. However, my husband and I were able to help quite a bit with the unloading. From our first phone call to Brothers EZ, to the last box that was taken off of the truck, Brothers EZ made moving a whole lot smoother and less stressful than we could have imagined.

Description of work:

Brothers EZ Movers moved the contents of our two 10 x 13 foot storage units from Tampa to Estero, Florida. The units were in a climate control building with only one dock (that was relatively close) to the public dock available. We were quoted a price for 10 hours of work (including the 2.5 hour drive), but only paid for 8.5 hours because these guys hustled!”

When you hire a team like ours, you get the benefit of years of experience.  Let us handle the move while you take care of the other details you’ll need to arrange to make sure your new home is ready for you and your family.  When was the last time you had an EZ move?


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