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Beware of Hidden Costs When Hiring a Moving Company

When you hire a mover in Tampa there are certain things that you look for. You know that you want someone who is reliable, a company that is insured, a company that has a good reputation and experience. There’s one more thing you should look for when you hire a mover and that is hidden fees. Here are some of the most common hidden fees we’ve noticed when comparing our moving company to others.

Look for These Hidden Fees When You Hire a Mover in Tampa


Moving costs money, and fuel costs are a significant part of your invoice.  If you get a quote for moving that does not have a separate line item for fuel, ask if it is included in the quote.  If there is no fuel in the quote at all, be wary. This may be an expense they can tack onto the final invoice. Ask them to calculate and include the fuel in the original quote.

Travel Time

Travel time is another tricky line item when it comes to moving quotes.  Some moving companies may account only for the move itself and then charge later for travel time.  This refers to the time it takes for the movers to get to your property, and then back to the office after delivery.  Always make sure this is accounted for when getting your initial quote to avoid surprise fees in the long run.


You want a moving company that brings the proper equipment necessary to get the job done.  If a company charges a fee for bringing equipment, you need to know in advance what that will be- these can add up!  Make sure you do a walk-through before the move, so the company can determine what equipment they will need to bring and whether it is their standard.  You want to be aware of any special circumstances that could lead to additional equipment fees beforehand.  


While this may not be directly on your quote, it is a moving expense.  Choosing a company that already has commercial liability coverage helps to eliminate or minimize this cost.  
When you get a quote from a moving company, it should include the essentials. Disguising necessary items as “upgrades” is an unfortunately common practice with some moving companies.  Your quote should include these items from the beginning, not have them tacked onto the invoice based on a casual conversation during the move.  Make sure you look for these items on your original quote before you hire a mover in Tampa.


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