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What To Do If You Need to Move in a Hurry

Whether you’re moving down the street or a thousand miles away, packing up and moving will always be a tedious and taxing job. It forces you to reassess the importance of all your possessions, figure out what you need to take, what to do with what you decide to leave, how you’re going to pack up and the logistics of changing your billing address.

This entire process is exponentially harder if you’re moving out of your old place and moving into a new one in a hurry. To help you better organize, here are some things you should do when last-minute moving.

Last-Minute Moving Is Easier with These Tips

  • Make a List.

The best way to make sure that you have a plan and that you’re going to stick to it when everything is moving quickly is by writing it down. That way you know how massive the task is before you start. This also allows you plan which things go first, like finding a new place or talking to your landlord, and which ones you can push to a later time.

Having everything listed and seeing things get ticked off will also give you a sense of accomplishment, which lessens the stress of moving. You can write this list down in a notebook or make it your laptop’s wallpaper, depending on what works for you best.

  • Sort it Out.

Most people only realize that they have accumulated so much when they pack up. To help you or your movers make this process faster, experts recommend you start categorizing your belongings into 3 piles: keep, maybe and leave. The keep pile should have all things that you will definitely need in your new home and would rather not repurchase. The maybe pile will have things that you want to take but you’re unsure about a few things like whether it will fit or not or if you would possibly prefer to invest in a new one. The last pile would have things that you don’t need. Whatever you have here can be sold or given away.

  • Get Help.

With the time frame, packing and moving on your own should be out of the question. You can either ask your friends and family to help you pack or get professional help. If you choose to do the latter, make sure to do your research before you hire anyone. Compare rates and ask around regarding their service. Last-minute moving services are complicated and should be handled by an experienced moving company.


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