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Cross Country Movers Top 6 Relocation Desitinations

Cross Country MoversBrother’s EZ Moving, cross country movers, know in this day and age, if you don’t like where you are, you move!  

Modern conveniences have made it simple to relocate, and the average person will move around eleven times in their lifetime.  

At Brothers EZ Moving, we do our best to make local or long distance moves as simple as possible.  

Cross Country Movers Know the Top 6 Best Spots to Relocate

Being professionals in the moving business, we make it our business to know where the top destinations are located- and we’ve noticed a few trends ourselves!  

Work is one of the main reasons people relocate.  A large percentage of people search for jobs out of their local area, with relocation not being an issue in submitting applications.

These are the top relocation destinations in the United States today.

New York – Even though statistics go up and down, New York is still one of the top destinations.  People love New York, and it’s not hard to understand why.  

Not only is it one of the top destinations for job relocation and career advancement, it’s also a cultural hub of diversity that is constantly evolving.

Atlanta – Another huge city for business and a very popular destination is Atlanta, Georgia.  This area offers a huge metropolitan business community and a vast quantity of prospective employers.

It’s also well known for having little neighborhoods developing within the city, giving a hometown identity to areas located within the busy city.

Tampa Bay – This beautiful city is a major hot spot for relocation, especially for the young and career minded.

Being a popular area for ages 25-29, this is the place you go to look for employment after your starter job out of college.  With a booming nightlife and plenty to do, this area attracts people and keeps them.

Washington, D.C. – The nations capital is full of out of towners who moved to the area to make their mark.  The top reason for the move is work, but the history, political affiliation and great restaurants don’t hurt its reputation, either!

Los Angeles – This city has been a top spot for relocation for decades, and everyone moving there has a dream.

Maybe it’s the beautiful weather and incredible attractions, including the beaches.  Or maybe it’s the buzz of motivation that hums through the city.  

People know this area as the place to make it in the entertainment industry, whether in front of or behind the scenes. It rings true, and this city often attracts the young minded go getter who is looking to make their mark.

Dallas – Texas has been on the map in recent years for relocation destinations, with Austin, Houston, and even San Antonio, but Dallas is still at the top.  

Employment is at an all time high, the job market is great, the wages are high for the cost of living, and people love living there.  It has also been rated one of the top recommended places to move.

At Brothers EZ Moving, we are cross country movers that understand the excitement and preparation that goes into a move, especially if you are relocating to a new destination.  

With our packing and moving services, you can rest assured that your biggest problem when relocating will be deciding which wonderful place to go!

Cross Country Movers Top 6 Relocation Desitinations was last modified: May 16th, 2016 by Gary Thacker

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